Quartz Stairs

Stairs are blocks that allow the player to change elevation without jumping. They are a more compact alternative to slabs, allowing a greater elevation change in a shorter horizontal distance. Stairs will change their shape when placed in corners.

TypeSolid Block
Blast Resistance15 (Wood) 30 (Stone-type)
RenewableWood: YesCobblestone: YesBrick: NoStone Brick: YesNether Brick: NoSandstone: NoQuartz: No
StackableYes (64)
First AppearancesWood, Cobblestone Alpha 1.0.0 12w25a Brick, Stone Brick Beta 1.8 Nether Brick Beta 1.9 Sandstone 12w21a Quartz 13w02a
Data valuesOak Wood Stairs dec: 53 hex: 35 Cobblestone stairs dec: 67 hex: 43 Brick stairs dec: 108 hex: 6C Stone Brick Stairs dec: 109 hex: 6D Nether Brick Stairs dec: 114 hex: 72 Sandstone Stairs dec: 128 hex: 80 Spruce Wood Stairs dec: 134 hex: 86 Birch Wood Stairs dec: 135 hex: 87 Jungle Wood Stairs dec: 136 hex: 88 Quartz Stairs dec: 156 hex: 9C