Enchanted Book

An enchanted book is an item which allows players to add enchantments to weapons, tools, or armor by combining the enchantment book with one of said items on an anvil. Enchanted Books look like a book with a red ribbon around it. The player can create an enchanted book by enchanting a book on an enchantment table, which will yield a single enchantment. Enchanted books are single-use. Enchanted books can also be found in chests located in dungeons, strongholds, desert temples, jungle temples, mineshafts and villages. The third way Enchanted Books can also be obtained is by trading with librarian villagers. In Survival, enchanted books are the only method to obtain certain enchantments, such as Silk Touch on shears, or Unbreaking on a sword. Enchanted books glow like other enchanted objects.

First Appearance12w49a